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  1. "Exception ERegistryException in module Hwriter32.exe...Failed to set data for 'check siblings'." running Hollywood Screenwriter
  2. Can I run your software in a virtual environment such as Virtual PC, Parallels Desktop or Boot Camp?
  3. Hollywood Screenwriter says it must have the installation CD-ROM in the drive, but it is in the drive!
  4. How can I get it to go to the next line without putting a space in between the lines?
  5. How do I change a character's name?
  6. How do I edit my pop-up character name list so that characters that rarely speak do not clutter the menu?
  7. How do I install Hollywood Screenwriter on Windows Vista or 7?
  8. How do I remove a forced page break?
  9. How do I remove doubled continues?
  10. I have Hollywood Screenwriter for Windows on two different computers and when I load exactly the same script on both of them, the page breaks are slightly different...what's going on?
  11. I was working and lost power, I had a file open at the time. How can I get the information back in that file?
  12. I'm trying to put some text in my dialogue in parentheses but as soon as I type the left parenthesis it brings up a Parenthetical element. Is there a way around this?
  13. I've lost my serial number. How can I find it?
  14. Is there anyway to avoid putting in the Hollywood Screenwriter CD-ROM every time I launch the program?
  15. What do you with the information you collect when I register my software?
  16. When I am in my menus and dialog screens the end of the text is cutoff and is unreadable. How can I fix this?
  17. When I paste text into another program like MS Word it says "Cannot display. Data in clipboard in an unknown format."
  18. When I try to import a script everything is flush left, why?
  19. When I try to open my file in Hollywood Screenwriter, I get an error #32 or an Access Violation!
  20. When I try to open the program it says the printer is not valid. I do not have a printer connected to my computer how can I open the program?
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