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Q:  How do I deactivate a slot so I don't lose an install?

This article applies to the following programs:

  • Dramatica Pro (Mac only) / Writer's DreamKit (Mac only)
  • Screenwriter 6 (Mac and Windows)
  • Word Menu (Mac only)
  • Outline 4D (Windows only)

The license management system is designed to eliminate worries about lost installs. You can activate the program on up to three of your own computers — two for academic licenses — for your own use only (not for writing partners or other users).

When you activate, you will use one of your available slots. Think of a slot as a reusable location which simply describes on what machine(s) you have currently activated the software.

You do not run out of Activation slots, you reuse them.  

You can remove older or dead computers when you activate a newer computer using the Internet activation method (not the manual challenge/response method). Uninstalling the program off a computer is no longer necessary to preserve your activation slots.

What happens if I've activated three computers, and I need to activate a new (4th) computer?

When you go to activate a fourth time, it will give you a list of the three computers that are already activated.  You can deauthorize a computer at that point (even if it has crashed), in order to free it up for the new computer.

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