Article ID:  WBI-763        Last updated:  Oct-14-2013

Q:  “16-Bit subsystem error. XTDLINK.EXE cannot start or run due to incompatibility with the 64-bit versions of Windows.” when importing a file into Screenwriter 6.

When importing a file on a 64-bit version of Windows, you must select the type of file you are importing on the Import dialog.

  1. In Screenwriter, click on File > Import.
  2. IMPORTANT:  From the "Files of Type" dropdown list, choose the file type, e.g., "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)". The error is triggered when this is set to “All Files (*.*).”
  3. From the "Look in" list at the top, select the folder where you saved the import file, e.g., "Documents”.
  4. Open the import file.
  5. On the "How should I interpret this text?" window click OK.

The file should import without error.

If you are getting this message when opening a Screenwriter Document (.MMSW), Previous Saved Version (.BK) or Timed Backup (.TMB), the file may be corrupt. Please send us that file* as an attachment so that we can examine its integrity.

*All files are held in strict confidentiality and are deleted once troubleshooting has completed.

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