July 2007 Beta 10

These Release Notes are organized as follows:

  1. New features in 6.0
  2. Compatibility With Movie Magic Screenwriter 4.X And 2000
  3. Changes in Beta 10
  4. Known Problems
  5. Contact Info



The biggest new feature is the NaviDoc and Outlining. The NaviDoc is a Panel that appears to the left of your document that allows you to quickly navigate to your document by Scenes, Notes, user specified BookMarks and Outline Elements.

What are Outline Elements?  Screenwriter 6.0 includes a new outlining feature that it is fully customizable.  So no matter what story Paradigm you use; Dramatica, Three Act Paradigm, Hero’s Journey, etc., you can outline that way in Screenwriter.

Here is a quick list of the major new Features in Screenwriter 6.0

  • The NaviDoc which contains four panels (or views) Outline, Notes, BookMarks and Scenes for navigating and organizing your document.
  • The Outline feature which allows you to outline your document and combined with the NaviDoc easily reorganize your outline.
  • The ability to categorize and color code document Notes.
  • E-mail from within the program as Screenwriter document, RTF or PDF file.
  • Significantly improved functionality of the Context Menus (alternate button click).
  • Menus have been reorganized and renamed for easier use.
  • New toolbar icons implemented using Alpha Blending.
  •  Screenwriter now uses Windows XP Themes.
  • “Fit Width” (font scaling) in Zoom Screen Text window.
  • Scene Numbering icon on the top toolbar.
  • In the File menu:
  • New (Using Default Template)
  • New from Template…
  • Save As Template…
  • Save a Copy…
  • Export


The new features in Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.0 such as the NaviDoc, Outline Elements and Note Categories allow you to store and organize more information in your document then in previous versions of the program. In order to save this information in the document, it required us to modify the file format. The new format uses the .mmsw extension and cannot be opened in previous versions of Movie Magic Screenwriter.

However, Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.0 can open any files created with older versions of Screenwriter. It also has the ability to export to the old Screenwriter 4.x and 2000 (.scw) format, which will allow you to open the exported file in older versions of the program. See the Screenwriter 6.0 New Features.pdf located in the Start Menu>All Programs > Write Brothers, Inc.>Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 > Documentation folder for more information.


152 Corrected Defects

·        SSDB 9169 - In Edit Script Formats if you right click on the Reset button, click on the What’s This? dialog popup. The title of the pop up window will say Use Current Font for All Elements instead of Reset.

·        SSDB 10461 - References to Notecommander needs to be removed from the online help file for the 6.0 version.

·        SSDB 10474 - The reference to Show Scene Pilot in the online help file will need to be removed since it will be replaced by the NaviDoc.

·        SSDB 11659 - When typing in an outline element while in Full Page View the previous text disappears and flashes

·        SSDB 11665 - When deleting certain Outline Element Styles Names from the Outline Style Table, the user should get a dialog warning that the Outline Style will be converted to a script note.

·        SSDB 11718 - Assertion when hitting Shift+Del.

·        SSDB 12228 - When you click on the Help button in the Spellcheck window, no Help window for Spellcheck comes up.

·        SSDB 12245 - Spell Check Selection option is disabled under the Tools menu even though text is selected in the document. (says feature is not yet implemented)

·        SSDB 12686 - NaviDoc icon on the NaviDoc tab in Program Options does not match the NaviDoc icon on the View Toolbar.

·        SSDB 12747 - Changing an Outline element from Dual Column back to Normal leaves the element italicized.

·        SSDB 12762 - For consistency, add an Import menu to Screenwriter.

·        SSDB 12851 - The document is not scrolled to Start Position after Search & Replace.

·        SSDB 12905 - What’s This Help:  Need to change the text Scene Information to Scene Label in the tooltip/balloon information for the option Put in SCENE.

·        SSDB 12906 - What’s This Help:  Need to change the Scene Information to Scene Label in the tooltip/balloon information for the Number Scenes Continuously.

·        SSDB 12967 - When you select the first row in the Outline Panel, scroll down to the last row, hold down the shift key and click on the last row, the scrollbar scrolls back to the top of the Outline Panel.

·        SSDB 13007 - Cannot export to PDF with more than 50 Notes.

·        SSDB 13024 - When you click on Page Down or Page Up in the NaviDoc menu, the document scrolls down or up several pages.

·        SSDB 13093 - Save All Open scripts puts the user in a document that was not the active document before the save.

·        SSDB 13152 - Act Break submenu in the Context Menu does have the Prologue option.

·        SSDB 13169 - Screenwriter crashes when trying to retrieve a file from a non-existent removable drive.

·        SSDB 13278 - Need to remove the Scene Description feature from the popup menu in the Index Cards mode.

·        SSDB 13282 - Tooltip for “Don’t use Act Break for a New Scene in the Same Act” is incorrect.

·        SSDB 13303 - Alt+PageUp/PageDown should scroll the NaviDoc without changing the selection.

·        SSDB 13312 - Regular right-click Context Menu should always show Small icons.

·        SSDB 13346 - In the Context Menu when you select the option Style Settings for all Element Name you are not taken to the correct element option in the Element Styles window.

·        SSDB 13356 - When you drag promote a note to another outline style the background color extends outside of the right side of the frame line and wraps to the text.

·        SSDB 13384 - Dual dialogue does not get formatted properly when opening a Mac file on a PC.

·        SSDB 13593 - Cannot import title page from a pre-6.0 document.

·        SSDB 13649 - Need to change Scene Information to Scene Label in the tooltip/balloon information for Center Scene Label option.

·        SSDB 13687 - Selected Scenes list dialog needs to be updated to current XP/Vista style.

·        SSDB 13722 - What’s This Help:  In the tooltip help,  the text Act Information should be changed to say Act Break  for the option Center Act Break.

·        SSDB 13763 - Ctrl +T  takes you to a Transition even though that command has been reassigned.

·        SSDB 13780 - Dragging Multiple Outline styles in the document  in front of another (different) Outline Style results in the first dragged element type being altered.

·        SSDB 13781 - Dragging an Outline style in the document before or after a different Outline style.  Results in the text of the dragged Outline style to be inserted in the stationary Outline style.

·        SSDB 13954 - The Strikethru icon in the Customize Toolbar palette should be changed to say StrikeThrough.

·        SSDB 13956 - What’s This Help:  The tooltip for New Document icon needs to be changed to say Click this to make new document (using default template).

·        SSDB 14043 - What’s This Help:  Need to change the tooltip for the option Put in SCENE.

·        SSDB 14084 - When you click on Next Note option under the Goto menu the Frame row color does not switch to the next note in the Notes Panel.

·        SSDB 14112 - Rename the Preferences folder to remove the “Beta” before release

·        SSDB 14116 - When you click on the Help button in the Setup Draft Information window, the Help window does not come up.

·        SSDB 14132 - Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.0.tmb file gets created in the Write Brothers, Inc folder after closing and NOT saving two dirtied documents.

·        SSDB 14167 - Opening a document by double-clicking does not make Screenwriter the active window if it is already running.

·        SSDB 14211 - Single clicking on a Note Category Name in the Notes area will put the Note Category Name in Edit mode.

·        SSDB 14240 - Title Page needs to be updated (with new alignment buttons) to match the Mac version.

·        SSDB 14243 - Default color for Full Page View background needs to be set.

·        SSDB 14247 - After changing an element to a Note, you have to click in the element again in order to change the Note Category

·        SSDB 14248 - When you create a group of new outline styles, each outline style should have a different name.

·        SSDB 14256 - When adding an Act Break through the Scene Heading Pop-up menu, it ask if you want to add a forced page break when it shouldn’t.

·        SSDB 14259 - The Include/Exclude Outline element settings in the NaviDoc are not saved with the Document.

·        SSDB 14284 - In the Goto menu we need to change the option “Next Strikeout or Colored Text” to say “Next Strikethrough or Colored Text”.

·        SSDB 14286 - In the Remove submenu we need to change the option "Strikeout Codes and/or Text" to say "Strikethrough Style or Text".

·        SSDB 14292 - Expand All Hideable Elements option needs to be added to the windows version.

·        SSDB 14294 - Collapse All Hideable Elements option needs to be added to the windows version.

·        SSDB 14320 - There is no confirmation prompt when you delete an outline style.

·        SSDB 14330 - When you double-click on a scene number to go to while in the Index Card view, you are taken to the wrong scene heading in the document.

·        SSDB 14356 - Make the OK Button the focus in the search and Replace dialogue

·        SSDB 14405 - Include/Exclude Outline Styles list checkmarks don’t match after adding a new style.

·        SSDB 14410 - If you have text selected in the document, click on Goto>Top or Goto>Bottom options will highlight the document from the selected text point to the top or bottom of the document.

·        SSDB 14433 - After Changing an Element to a Note you cannot change its Category.

·        SSDB 14441 - Need to change the option “When displaying colored text within the script:” to “When displaying colored text within the document:” in the Set Screen Colors window.

·        SSDB 14442 - Rename “Sample Scripts” folder to “Sample Docs”, “Sample Files”, or “Samples”

·        SSDB 14531 - Retrieve Last Script You Worked on and Restore Last Workspace will try to open an incorrect file type if that was the last file that was attempted to be open.

·        SSDB 14537 - Access violation message after clicking OK in the alert window that says “Blank bookmark names are not allowed”.

·        SSDB 14542 - When you edit an Index Card and then click Done, none of the editing changes show in the document.

·        SSDB 14558 - Reduce height and/or width of Element Styles window if possible by eliminating or reducing space between items.

·        SSDB 14581 - Sample files are being installed into the “Sample Scripts” folder, rather than the newer “Sample Files” folder from Beta 7.

·        SSDB 14590 - Pressing SHIFT+END after scrolling with the mouse causes the wrong line to be selected and could cause data loss.

·        SSDB 14594 - Access Violation when Dragging an Outline Element from the Bottom to the Top.

·        SSDB 14610 - Cutting  large section of text gives access violation.

·        SSDB 14621 - When you override an existing keyboard command option in the program, the keyboard command gets removed from the menu option and no longer works after you have cleared the override option.

·        SSDB 14633 - When exporting to Movie Magic Scheduling, Gorilla or CompanyMovie ShowPlanner, the export window should say “Export to Scheduling” instead of “Exporting to Movie Magic Scheduling”.

·        SSDB 14644 - When you go to Tools>Options the window title needs to be changed from “Movie Magic Screenwriter Program Options” to “Movie Magic Screenwriter Options”.

·        SSDB 14645 - When you go in to Index Cards, all notes in the card appear as action.

·        SSDB 14658 - CTRL+E inserts a Scene Heading that begins with EXT it should call up Format > Element Styles

·        SSDB 14663 - Switching between multiple documents freezes the program.

·        SSDB 14693 - Cannot double click a .MMSW file to open it.

·        SSDB 9589 - When you send a script via iPartner in the Screenwriter Manifest version the chat window of the sender becomes a gray patch.

·        SSDB 10656 - After loading a new script format the Undo option Does not Undo the  format loading

·        SSDB 11289 - " When you import a StoryView file into Screenwriter you get an unable to read header error, though the document appears to open. "

·        SSDB 11451 - Build installers for 6.0 manual updates so they recognize the existing install path.

·        SSDB 11460 - Cannot double click to select a word.

·        SSDB 12234 - " When you exit out of the Index Card mode, the mouse cursor flickers for a moment before exiting."

·        SSDB 12502 - With Single Space set in the Scene Panels, Character Names that follow Scene Headings are still double spaced

·        SSDB 12506 - Screenwriter cannot open files or shortcuts that are referenced by a UNC path.

·        SSDB 12672 - Auto-space sentences reverts back to one space.

·        SSDB 12763 - Undocumented never before seen feature (Quick Text Entry Box)   by pressing Ctrl + Alt Q

·        SSDB 12969 - Add a preference as to whether Scene Labels are automatically inserted after TEASER,  COLD OPENING or PROLOGUE.

·        SSDB 13064 - Title of Text-to-Speech player window needs to be changed.

·        SSDB 13067 -  Changing margins on Act Outline Style turns Act Outline Styles into Scene Headings

·        SSDB 13123 - Cannot import some files that are exported to Screenwriter from StoryView

·        SSDB 13517 - When you attempt to open a scriptware tag file a second time after canceling the import of the file the first time, you get an I/O error 32.

·        SSDB 14052 - Unclicking SynchNaviDoc Row with Document does not turn off Synching

·        SSDB 14119 - Sync button on the NaviDoc should show as depressed when on in order to be consistent with other two-state buttons in the program (e.g., Bold).

·        SSDB 14178 - Key commands for “Delete to End of Line” and “Go to Bottom of Script” conflict by default.

·        SSDB 14216 - Only .mmsw files should be shown in the File > History.

·        SSDB 14258 - Licensed to in the About Box is empty

·        SSDB 14302 - Integer Overflow when deleting the Tag from the Sitcom1.mmsw file.

·        SSDB 14365 - SynchNaviDoc Row with Document does not work correctly.

·        SSDB 14404 - SHIFT+CTRL+E inserts a scene label instead of inserting a Scene Heading that begins with EXT..

·        SSDB 14520 - Dialog explaining effects of overriding a Scene Number should be rewritten

·        SSDB 14603 - Cancelling when closing confuses MMS if one doc was closed.

·        SSDB 14628 - When Pasting a long Outline Element it does not draw the entire outline element so it appears that the text has been cut - off

·        SSDB 14632 - When you choose New from Template and select the Radio Show template from the Instructional Templates folder you get a Hint window that says “Due to the fundamental differences in the way the Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems handle fonts...”

·        SSDB 14640 - With mulitple items selected in the outline view you cannot type in the document

·        SSDB 14642 - Updated app/doc icons need to be added to the Windows version executable.

·        SSDB 14643 - Need to Change the text in the Note: section of the alert window that comes up upon launch of the program after deleting the Scwriter.ini.

·        SSDB 14648 - The text in the Setup Document Layout button does not fit within the button.

·        SSDB 14649 - When you click the Script Name button in the Header and Footer window, the text for the buttons “Name Only” and “Path & Name” are cut off.

·        SSDB 14670 - Make sure popup lists are positioned correctly (due to horizontal scrolling fix)

·        SSDB 14675 - Retrieve Last Script You Worked on and Restore Last Workspace will try to open an incorrect file type.

·        SSDB 14694 - List index out of bounds error when you undo the deletion of a Beat outline style.

·        SSDB 14696 - When you enable the “Password Protect Documents” you get an alert window that says “When you password protect scripts...” which needs to be changed to say “When you password protect documents...”.

·        SSDB 14701 - Clicking in a selected block doesn’t deselect it.

·        SSDB 11453 - When you press enter at the end of a script note and then press Backspace, you get a message that says “There was an Error in the Word Wrap Routine”.

·        SSDB 11849 - Flash pointer will flash as a gray square when you click on another row before it flashes a second time.

·        SSDB 12053 - The Navidoc does not refresh correctly when the FlashPointer Flashes over it

·        SSDB 13242 - When you select the option When I type or click in the Disappear after flashing option under Point to Paragraph when Navigating, the Flash Pointer goes away instantly.

·        SSDB 13707 - Clicking on the Scene Heading Button on the Right toolbar inserts two Scene headings

·        SSDB 13742 - Access Violation when importing a document when default.def has Character Continueds set to Parentheticals

·        SSDB 13765 - Triple clicking a word needs to select the entire element.

·        SSDB 13997 - Exporting a document to PDF that contains Outline elements will draw a solid frame around the outline elements even if it is set to none.

·        SSDB 14121 - Single-Space/Double-Space button back to a mode button and be called  Show Spacing between Elements.

·        SSDB 14598 - Program crashes when canceling out of opening a Read Only document.

·        SSDB 14673 - When you switch from default icons to large icons, the CAP icon changes to the C+b icon on the toolbar.

·        SSDB 14676 - When you switch from default icons to large icons, the CAP icon text in the Customize Toolbar window says “Cap + Bold” and the C+b icon text says “Cap Word”.

·        SSDB 14708 - When you click on a scene location from the location popup menu, you get a window that says “Cannot make a visible window modal.”

·        SSDB 14711 - When you run SmartCheck the Cancel button in the SmartCheck window gets cut off to the right.

·        SSDB 11902 - When you scroll up or down a document, the Outline panel will scroll along with the document.

·        SSDB 13059 - On a blank line, inserting a note or outline element jumps one line down prior to entering the new element, instead of putting on the empty line where I am.

·        SSDB 13135 - When you switch to Novel format by changing the Action Indentation to 5, the Current Element option does not show all the Novel elements.

·        SSDB 13280 - Capitalize Word option should not capitalize an entire element when the option is selected.

·        SSDB 13586 - " When you attempt to merge two outline styles, you get an access violation error message."

·        SSDB 13587 - " When merging two action elements, the action elements merge, but change to a character name element replacing another character name that was in the document."

·        SSDB 13684 - Screenwriter should automatically center the page within the window when the program’s window is re-sized (in Full Page View).

·        SSDB 13737 -  If you open the Default.def file using the File > New from Template command the cursor is offset and the document looks truncated.

·        SSDB 13747 - Removing a Hard Return by BackSpacing  causes the text below to  dissappear.

·        SSDB 13760 - Typing accross a page break will insert spaces into the text.

·        SSDB 13996 -  Assertion loop when moving out of an element via the arrow keys in the stage play format.

·        SSDB 14060 - Cannot scroll past an Act/Scene Break using the scrollbar.

·        SSDB 14115 - When you open up the bug file, the Preference and Show/Hide scene header fields icons are missing from the Outline Panel.

·        SSDB 14147 - Hitting Backspace in the document causes the selected NaviDoc row to flash in the Scenes Panel.

·        SSDB 14192 - Screenwriter does not properly wrap text if there is an extra space at the end of the line.

·        SSDB 14199 - Access Violation when using document window’s “x” (Minimize, Maximize, Close gadgets) to close two open, non-dirtied documents.

·        SSDB 14200 - When closing the multiple unsaved documents using the document windows “x” (Minimize, Maximize, Close gadgets), the program refers to the wrong file.

·        SSDB 14218 - When you Promote/Demote a non-framed outline style to a framed outline style, the mouse carat flashes outside of the framed outline style element.

·        SSDB 14223 - When a blue page is created in a locked script, part of the blue page color shows on the header of the next page when the NaviDoc is open.

·        SSDB 14254 - Cannot scroll past Act Break using the mouse wheel.

·        SSDB 14276 - Using the Element Menu in the toolbar to select SCENE HEADING > NORMAL SCENE HEADING inserts an ACT BREAK or a Dialogue.

·        SSDB 14288 - " In the Scenes Panel, scrolling works backwards using ALT+PAGEDOWN or ALT+PAGEUP."

·        SSDB 14704 - Dragging an  element between two Scene Heading Elements that are children of the dragged element causes the program to freeze and pegs the CPU

·        SSDB 14716 - Dragging Sequences above a child Scene Outline Element  moves the Scene to the end of the Sequences Hierarchy

·        SSDB 14719 - When you drag a parent in to its children and then back to its original location without letting go of the mouse button, all the children outline elements get switched around in the document.


Please See Message Board for Complete List

·        SSDB 9437 - User dictionary/dictionaries are occasionally being corrupted/damaged

·        SSDB 9291 - When trying to Edit a pronunciation the program gives you a Floating Point error message.

·        SSDB 14544 - Including or Excluding outline styles in the Outline panel should not scroll the NaviDoc.

·        SSDB 14528 - Hotkeys for Element Type pulldown menu (F4) are not as intuitive as they used to be in 4.x and don’t match the Macintosh version.

·        SSDB 14507 - Navigating the Bookmarks with ALT+UP/DOWN ARROW does not work properly.

·        SSDB 14486 - Outline list does not scroll when holding mouse at the top or bottom of the list while dragging an outline element up or down.

·        SSDB 14450 - CTRL+Y should NOT italicize, because it is a standard Windows key command for redo and can confuse users who are used to using that by habit. ftolsson

·        SSDB 14446 - When you backspace text so that the text moves up one line, the document does not get dirtied.

·        SSDB 14425 - When saving a file to a removable disk that is full, it writes a portion of the document and omits the rest.

·        SSDB 14395 - Scrollbar should only move up/down when the caret moves to a different page, not when it moves to a different paragraph. BytePlayer

·        SSDB 14376 - " Retrieve Last Script You Worked on and Restore Last Workspace remembers all file types last opened, even incompatible ones, causing an open status dialog to get stuck when the program is re-launched."Aborting importing an incorrect or unrecognized file type results in an “Opening File Status” dialog remaining on the screen,

·        SSDB 14372 - Character Pop-up List does not remove focus from the rest of the program when in auto-fill mode.

·        SSDB 14334 - In the Element Styles > Outline Panels Navigating the Outline Level drop down with cursor keys gives an access violation

·        SSDB 14318 - Single click Outline style puts it into edit mode.

·        SSDB 14308 - Exporting to RTF creates the exported document in Courier instead of Courier New.

·        SSDB 14287 - In the Outline panel, using ALT+PAGEDOWN causes the NaviDoc to get stuck on a row when Sync is enabled.

·        SSDB 14273 - Title Bar needs to handle long file paths better. ftolsson

·        SSDB 14201 - Add the ability to change the style of multiple elements.

·        SSDB 14197 - Screenwriter does not navigate properly if there is a space at the end of the line. ftolsson

·        SSDB 14166 - Reopen menu needs to handle long file paths better. ftolsson

·        SSDB 14098 - After removing the program using Setup.exe (or the Change option from Add or Remove Programs), the Finish screen contains the same information as if you just installed the program, not removed it.

·        SSDB 14095 - Pasting from a .SCW document into a .MMSW document causes a List Index out of Bounds error.

·        SSDB 13767 - " When doing a Search and Replace - FInd all stops at every instance of the word, instead of replacing them all " pfhnyc

·        SSDB 13729 - Shots with Action following them are imported as Character Name and Dialogue.

·        SSDB 13572 - Screenwriter does not properly auto-capitalize multiple-word character names (speaking) in Action.

·        SSDB 13457 - Bring the Format Element Styles Outline Styles within the Mac Design.

·        SSDB 13281 - Screenwriter RTF Formatting Incorrect

·        SSDB 13040 - Inserting an Outline element doesn’t end up in the correct location.

·        SSDB 12850 - If the Script directory and Backup directory are different, the program will not prompt to retrieve Timed Backups after a crash.

·        SSDB 12700 - Screenwriter is underlining misspelled/unknown words improperly.

·        SSDB 12697 - .BK extension should be changed because users could easily open or save over the previous draft due to auto-fill.

·        SSDB 12260 - When you put in the symbols to create a scene heading outline style in the index card view and then click Exit, the scene heading shows up like a script note in the document.

·        SSDB 10407 - "In a stageplay, if you use ‘Select Scene’, it only selects the Cast of Characters page (page zero)."

·        SSDB 12850 - If the Script directory and Backup directory are different, the program will not prompt to retrieve Timed Backups after a crash.

·        SSDB 14188 - Pressing the arrow keys with the selected or current row scrolled out of view will cause focus to be moved out of the document and into the NaviDoc.

·        SSDB 14661 - Shift Clicking does not work across different type elements

·        SSDB 14667 - Display entire serial number (with last four digits) in the About box.

·        SSDB 14686 - When you change the font of the entire document, you get a bad redraw issue where only the left side of the document shows on screen and the other half completely cut off.

·        SSDB 14705 - Bolding an Element using CourierWB cause the text to expand horizontally and extending past the elements margin.

·        SSDB 14714 - When Selecting text with the mouse, and the mouse is to the left of the text being selected, sections of the text are skipped.

·        SSDB 14729 - Loading Styles from Templates does not overwrite the styles of Existing Outline Elements.

·        SSDB 14730 - Copying and Pasting Note  from 4.x to 6 causes an Acess violation and creates the conditions to repeat 14095

·        SSDB 14224 - Drag and Drop hierarchy creation in Format > Element Styles > Outline needs to be implemented on Windows.



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