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MacOS Sierra (10.12) and Movie Magic Screenwriter 6
Did you just install MacOS Sierra (10.12) and can no longer run the Screenwriter?

There is a new upgrade available to Screenwriter 6.5 that is fully Sierra compatible. We recommend that you consider upgrading (for a fee) to get the new features and future compatibility. Here is more information about the Mac Screenwriter 6.5 upgrade: http://www.screenplay.com/scw65-readme


Alternate solution: There are several incompatible versions of Mac Screenwriter 6 (v6.1, v.6.2, and v6.3), but we have a compatible earlier version on our support site. We recommend you download and install Screenwriter v6.0.10.165.

To install the Sierra-compatible version of Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, you MUST throw the 6.3 Screenwriter app in the trash BEFORE installing The installer will not install over newer versions of the software, e.g. 6.2 or 6.3.

Once you have trashed the Screenwriter 6 app, you may re-download the software here:


Download v6.0.10.165