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Windows 10 and Screenwriter 6
Did you just receive the Windows update and can no longer run Screenwriter?

Windows, especially Windows 10, occasionally "forgets" printer settings, especially after updates. Screenwriter 6 requires a printer driver (not a physically connected printer) to be added to the system. The reason for this is that printer drivers contain the paper size information, which allows Screenwriter to correctly calculate page length.

For Windows machines, a local printer driver can be added:

  • In the Windows the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, the select Devices and Printers.
  • If you see the Microsoft XPS Document Writer there, click on it.
  • Set Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the default printer.
  • NOTE: If you generally print your scripts, you may select your printer driver and set it as the default printer as an alternative to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  • In Screenwriter, go to Print > Setup and make sure the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, or your actual printer, is selected.
  • Make sure a default page size is selected, such as Letter or A4.
  • Press OK.

This should clear up the problem.