Download Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 (v4) for Macintosh

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DOWNLOAD File size: 6.3 MB

File version:  4.8.12

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) - 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)

This version is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or higher!

This download will...

  • install Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 (v4) on the computer.
  • correct quite a few issues, add several enhancement and new features (see changelog below).

Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the Download button on this page.
  2. Once the download is done, you can find the Screenwriter.dmg file in your Downloads folder (or wherever you downloaded the file).
  3. Double click on the DMG file to mount it on the desktop. You will see a Screenwriter 4.8.12 volume icon on the desktop.
  4. Inside the volume icon, drag the entire Movie Magic Screenwriter folder into Applications.
  5. To run the program, open the /Applications/Movie Magic Screenwriter folder and double-click on the Screenwriter application icon. You will be asked to enter your serial number and to validate the program online (or insert the CD).

Fixes/Changes in 4.8.12

New Features
  • Scroll wheel now works in Macintosh Screenwriter.
  • Preference added to display text anti-aliased under OS X (added to MISC panel of app preferences).
  • When arrowing down the page, the cursor no longer disappears making it impossible to know how far down you have gone.
  • Installed new program & document Icons for Mac Screenwriter.
  • Replaced Splash Screen with updated (non-Screenwriter) graphics.
  • Updated Documentation to function from opening PDF of documentation instead of Altura’s “QuickHelp”.
  • Updated Web Resources links.
Crashes Corrected
  • Program will crash when you exit Index Card Mode if any cards are missing title or content.
  • Double clicking on the Character or Location list will crash the program.
  • Receiving a file in iPartner crashes the application and can crash the OS.
  • When loading formats From a Screenwriter script and then from a User Defined script the program crashes.
  • “Copy from Script” option in Format > Edit User Lists > Character Names crashes the program.
  • When disconnecting from iPartner on the pc the Mac version of Screenwriter still has a Partner View window and when you click in that window the program crashes.
Major Issues Fixed
  • Screenwriter will not allow transitions on the bottom of a page, resulting in incorrect page breaking.
  • Footer page number is incorrectly calculated one page ahead.
  • Running spellcheck will insert an extra space after INT. or EXT. if certain conditions are in place.
  • Screenwriter is not exporting Times of Day to Scheduling (.SEX) file.
  • Screenwriter starts displaying the header on the wrong page when starting page number is not “1”.
  • When printing multiple copies, the program squares the number of copies.
  • HTML export displays pages in all black after first page (in Internet Explorer -- works in Safari).
Minor Issues Fixed
  • When using Copy From Script under Format > Edit User Lists the Character, Location or Transition List window does not have focus.
  • When printing, the page range is calculated incorrectly as “1 to 9999” (or 1 to 32768) on the Mac OS print window.
  • When printing, the “From:” button is selected instead of “All” on the Mac OS print window.
  • If Action elements were set in a style, e.g. italics, then the page breaking made invisible format codes proliferate in those elements, eventually causing warnings about SPLIT elements.
  • Copy From Script does nothing under Format > Edit User Lists > Transitions if all the script’s Transitions are already in the list.
  • Finnish and Portuguese are listed under Tools > Select Language, even though they are not available as spellcheck languages.
  • About Screenwriter Box does not show the year information that a build was created.
  • Typing the shortcut key for time of day takes you into a Scene heading instead of action. (Actually -- Doesn't Update Popup menu).
  • When opening the Name bank you get a menu item that says Screenwriter Quick Help.