Download Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 for Windows
DOWNLOAD File size: 46.6 MB

File version:

Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 or 10

This download will...

  • install Screenwriter 6 if you don't have the program on the computer OR install directly over existing installations as an update (will not affect any of your documents).
  • run as a 14-day trial if you do not own a license/serial number.
  • correct several issues (see change log below).

Installation Instructions

  1. First, exit out of Screenwriter completely if you have not done so already.
  2. Click on the Download button.
  3. If prompted to Run/Open or Save, choose Run.* After the program has downloaded, the installation will automatically begin.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to install.

*You may wish to choose Save if you want to have the installer somewhere on your hard drive for safe keeping. If using Firefox, click Save File and then double-click the file manually after it is done downloading.

Fixes/Changes in

  • When trying to save to a non-accessible drive, the program leaves the Zap Saving window open.
  • When the page starts halfway down the first page, the header is also placed halfway down the page.
  • The program no longer shows an arrow to the left of the element that is being read in Text to Speech."
  • When doing a Search and Replace - “Yes to All” stops at every instance of the word, instead of replacing them all.
  • After dragging an element to new place in the script, the program repositions the document on screen so the dragged element is at the same place on screen as it originally was.
  • Text to Speech stops when it reaches an unassigned character, rather than skipping over it.
  • The Navidoc Flashing pointer has only one fade rate regardless of which fade rate the user has chosen in the settings dialog.
  • Double clicking on an element type in the Setup Voices dialog triggers a crash.
  • Extra line of Action gets inserted when adding a new Scene Heading.
  • Program Crashes when hiding/marking non-printing dialogue.
  • Access Violation when searching, inserting outline elements, copying and pasting, editing text, etc.
  • Access violation at address 0082E020 in module 'scwriter32.exe'. Read of address 63736E70.
  • Ctrl+Clicking a NaviDoc Outline disclosure button causes a crash.